News: Quality of Biomass and Alternative Fuels

18-05-2015 • Analytical Elemental analysis


Solid Biofuels: Calorific Value, Moisture, Ash, Volatiles, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Mercury, Ash melting.
LECO Corporation has been a leader and innovator in analytical instrumentation for nearly 80 years. Our product range includes elemental analyzers for measuring CHNOS by combustion/fusion in organic and inorganic materials; analyzers for crude protein, trace of mercury, ash/moisture/volatile content, calorific value; and many others.Being recognized benchmark in analysis of coal, coke and petroleum, LECO provides proven analytical solutions for biomass and alternative biofuels quality control.

Determination of calorific value

Moisture / Ash / Volatiles content

main-AC600 main-TGA701
Maybe the most important parameter of all fuels is its energy content/calorific value (EN 14918). The LECO AC600, a semi-automated isoperibol bomb calorimeter, is able to analyze this parameter in just 5.5 minutes without sacrificing accuracy or precision.
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Save operators time and use an automated macro thermogravimetric analyzer, analyzing moisture, ash and volatiles in one sample run. 19 or 38 samples can be measured simultaneously.LECO TGA701 is well recognized for its high reliability, stability, accuracy and precision, while offering expanded functionality and automation.
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Carbon and Sulfur Analysis

Ash melting behaviour

Sulfur and Carbon Analysis by Combustion main-AF700
LECO’s SC series analyzers have always been the benchmark of fast Sulfur/Carbon determination by high temperature combustion.Providing results in just 2-3 minutes, newest SC832 series has reduced bench space, powerful software with ergonomic touch-screen interface. SC832 is a valuable resource for any laboratory needing fast and accurate analysis at low operation cost.
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A long time underestimated parameter is the ash fusibility of biofuels (EN 15370). Especially biomass and alternative fuels show a big variety of ash fusion behaviour. With the LECO AF 700 an automated determination of all relevant fusion points (SST,DT,HT/FT) required by the standard can be measured for 6(12) samples simultaneously.
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Total content of Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen/Sulfur/Oxygen

main-CHN628 Elemental composition of solid biofuels (EN 15104) is not only important for calorific value correction, but it is mandatory to report for biomass produced from chemically treated wood. Fast, reliable and matrix independent, the LECO CHNS 628 Series determines the elemental composition of all kind of biofuels in just 4-5 minutes. The instrument can be equipped with an additional module for Oxygen content analysis.
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