• Carbon / Sulphur


    Leading carbon and sulfur determination in solid materials by induction furnace combustion, LECO offers solutions for both high-throughput production and research labs. The instruments are perfectly suited for cost-effective carbon and sulfur measurements in a variety of metals, ores, ceramics and other inorganic material.

  • Oxygen / Nitrogen


    Simultaneous oxygen and nitrogen determination in metals, carbides, nitrides and other inorganic materials by inert gas fusion technique. Field-proven instrumentation provides reliability and consistent quality on each analysis.

  • Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen


    LECO advanced technology in inert gas fusion technique and detectors offers state-of-the-art instrumentation for simultaneous oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, refractory materials and other inorganic materials.

  • Multiphase Carbon & Hydrogen / water


    For qualification and quantification of different carbon types (surface, free, organic, inorganic) and hydrogen/water present in various organic and inorganic samples LECO offers the state-of-the-art solution. Versatile instrument is applied, for example, to measure total organic carbon (TOC) in rocks and soils, Total Organic and Total Inorganic Carbon in Waste, and many other applications.

  • Bulk and Surface Hydrogen


    Determine hydrogen content for aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, refractories, and inorganic materials especially at low hydrogen levels (

  • Total Hydrogen, diffusible / residual Hydrogen


    Hydrogen determinations in ferrous alloys and steels are delivered quickly and precisely with the robust LECO combustion technique. Residual, diffusible, and total hydrogen measurements with a single instrument in wide dynamic range.

  • Consumables Inorganic

    In order to obtain the highest level of performance, we offer to our customers large range of consumables manufactured to our standards to provide the best results for your instrument. For inorganic application LECO offers various reagents, Accelerators/Fluxes, Graphite Crucible, Capsules and Crucibles, Combustion/Reaction Tubes and Glassware, Primary Standards and Calibration Samples, evacuated Samplers and Pin Tubes and other supply.