Allergens in cosmetic

Quantification and identification of allergens in Home and Personal Care (HPC) products are a legislative concern for cosmetic and skin care product developers. Ever increasing demands for quantification of target allergens and screening for potential newly legislated allergens means high performance mass spectrometers are essential. LECO GC- and GCxGC-TOFMS instrument solutions provide the outstanding advantages of TOFMS spectral continuity and the capability of quantifying analytes over a broad concentration range from one sample injection. It’s not imagination to have quality data output as well as high sample throughput with reliability and robustness, this is the reality of detection driven LECO TOFMS performance.


Aroma & flavour characterization

An exciting emotion is to smell or taste something new and different. Being able to accurately characterise the individual components in the complex mixture requires advanced chromatographic and mass spectral solutions. LECO has developed powerful GCxGC-TOFMS  instruments whilst offering flexibility and robustness of operation alongside experts in the field to address such challenges. These proven technologies have empowered laboratories to increase analytical output and analytical quality without increasing man power meaning you can do more with less.


Perfumes and Essential oils

Unravelling complexity of natural product makes brand creation of market leading Home and Personal Care (HPC) products easy. Imagine being able to do this and competitor product investigations with one seamless high throughput and high quality data generating solution. LECO offers elite mass spectral instrument solutions that include seamless data acquisition and data processing tools, which guarantee increased analytical output and increased profitability.



Metabolomic and pesticide screening strategies are routinely applied to tobacco leaf and tobacco smoke analysis to ensure production meets in-house brand quality requirements. Analytical confidence, several orders of magnitude above all other techniques is delivered by harnessing the power of high resolution chromatography as well as high resolution mass spectrometry. LECO Pegasus GCxGC-TOFMS and Pegasus GC-HRT  approaches combined with powerful software tools over ride uncertainty and unravel the complexity of tobacco aroma and flavour easily. Ensure brand quality and assure product competitiveness by guaranteeing analytical excellence with future proof TOFMS technologies from LECO.