• Carbon/Nitrogen/Protein

    Cost-effective alternative to Kjeldahl digestion, LECO analysers are faster, safer and more reliable measurement of protein content in foodstuffs. Dumas direct combustion method offers minimum sample preparation, large sample size capacity ensuring optimum homogeneous analysis and results precision.

  • Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen

    Nutritional labeling (protein) for foods and feed; materials characterization, like grade and value for fuels, coal, coke; soil and plant science, these are just some examples of wide application area for LECO CHN analyser. For optimum versatility, the instruments are available in flexible configurations—nitrogen/protein, carbon/nitrogen, and carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen.

  • Total Moisture / Volatile contents / Ash / LOI

    Automated thermogravimetric analysis replaces traditional analytical techniques that require vacuum ovens, muffle furnaces, balances and extensive manpower. Complying with approved methodologies, LECO’s latest generation of TGA technology is used in various industries and applications, including coal/coke, cement, catalysts, foods, feeds, and milling products.

  • Moisture Determination / Primary Method

    Automated moisture determination with a primary direct method for replacing the slow labor intensive, traditional loss-on-drying analytical techniques.

  • Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Oxygen / Sulphur

    State-of-the-art hardware and software technology for optimal performance in C, H, N, S and O elemental determination in micro samples (1 to 10 mg). Analysers offers low cost-per-analysis for accurate elemental determination of a wide variety of solid or liquid samples in the fields of pharmaceuticals, polymers,chemicals, and petrochemicals.